Saturday, November 15, 2008

Can Dan Cullen bowl a doosra?

I ask because I saw him bowl balls spinning from leg to off during the warmups last night (the warmups was the only time I was in line with the bowler). Some of them I picked as leg breaks, but others I didn't, making me wonder if he can bowl a doosra now. It's equally possible that I wasn't paying close enough attention to his hand.

Other notes from last night's game:

- What would be a good name for a team which includes Michael Dighton, Dan Marsh, and Ryan Harris? I know, All Stars.

- Brendan Drew was bowling nice little outswingers in the warmups.

- When Xavier Doherty was fielding at long off a few metres from me, I resisted the temptation to tell him that he's got the worst first-class average of any bowler ever. It's only just false. With the qualification of 5000 balls, the only people with worse averages are a guy who only played for Oxford University, Sachin Tendulkar, and Stuart Saunders, who at least averaged 25 with the bat for Tassie. But Doherty's pretty good at limited-overs cricket. Weird.

- When Magoffin (I like Magoffin — he was the only guy who stuck in my memory from the Queensland Academy side I saw play India in 2003/4) was bowling to Sean Marsh, Gilchrist set a 7-2 field. It was a disgustingly negative tactic. Captains have a responsibility to make sure that the game is entertaining for the spectators. It's because of people like Gilchrist that people are turning away from Twenty20 cricket.

And let's not forget Gilchrist's insidious practise of 'walking', with which he ridicules the umpires and their decision-making processes.

If ever a player should be drummed out of the cricketing fraternity, it's Gilchrist, all right.
Gilchrist was a double edged soldier.

Ps- David. Thanks for stopping by the flyslip

1)Do you mind updating the blogroll link to

2)Reckon you can come up with a solution to the DL system? I think teams being asked to score more runs than the first team is not on.

Would you be keen on such a idea ?
hey david, thanks for your insights on the d/l system.

it was good fun. i think i like the idea of the restriction on the wickets actually.

ps- mind updating the blog link mate.
cheers !
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I'm not sure why there is excitement about a right-handed offspinner bowling a ball that spins from leg to off, instead of off to leg. In a fingerspinner, are we talking about the ability to roll the fingers right to left across the ball during delivery, as opposed to the natural left to right, or am I missing something?
I am the world's worst park offspinner -- so bad I rarely got a bowl, but I could certainly get the ball to move to leg through the air, because of spin, then spin back to off.
The end result was the same as my stock offspinner -- smashed to the boundary.
people turn away from T20 because of Gilly. Now, c'mon David, you know thats so not true. Whatever be your immediate frustrations on this particular incident, Gilly surely brings more bums on the seat than he repels - even if he is playing test cricket rather than T20?
Raj, I wasn't being serious. Some commentators were suggesting a restriction to 6 fielders on the off side after the fourth Test in India. While I can vaguely see their point against 8-1 fields, there's nothing wrong with 7-2 fields.
I will no doubt soon go back to statistical analysis, but for the next few posts I'll probably do statistical lists. Usually I find these boring, but since I don't know of such first-class lists online, I thought that they'd be of interest.
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