Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Statsguru 2.0

Cricinfo have launched a new version of Statsguru, which allows you to list all (Test, ODI, T20I) players in order of all sorts of things, by many filters. It's really good. For example, this is a list of the opening batsmen with the lowest batting average in Tests that the batsman's team has won (qual. 20 innings).

The only extra feature that I'd like to see would be an ability to exclude teams from the analysis (e.g., Tests not involving Zimbabwe and not involving Bangladesh). The new version is still in beta and they're accepting suggestions, but my ISP doesn't let me send anything (because there's a ":8000" in the URL somewhere), so if someone could make this suggestion for me, that'd be great.

As a little boy i used to compile stats of Pakistani cricketers in a small diary and calculate their averages and other stats to keep a record book. I used to wish there was something that could give me ready access to records.

Cricinfo's statsguru is every statisticians dream. Its the best database I've seen.
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