Saturday, December 20, 2008

Johnson's batting

I've only seen Johnson bat once (at the Gabba against NZ), and he looked very good. Looking through his Test scores to date, he's only been dismissed in single figures in a quarter of his innings. If you assume an exponential distribution of scores, that is consistent with an average of about 35. Currently he's averaging low 20's.

So, there are two main possibilities — he's been lucky to make so many starts, or he's been unlucky to get out for 20odd so often. Batting at number 10 probably isn't helping him.

I'd like to see him moved up to number 8. At worst, he'll be about as good as Lee. At best, I think he could be a very good bowling all-rounder.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I'm trying to finish off my Masters thesis (transferred down to PhD), I will start a proper job in February, and I'm spending much of my spare time playing and studying chess.

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