Saturday, November 15, 2008

Can Dan Cullen bowl a doosra?

I ask because I saw him bowl balls spinning from leg to off during the warmups last night (the warmups was the only time I was in line with the bowler). Some of them I picked as leg breaks, but others I didn't, making me wonder if he can bowl a doosra now. It's equally possible that I wasn't paying close enough attention to his hand.

Other notes from last night's game:

- What would be a good name for a team which includes Michael Dighton, Dan Marsh, and Ryan Harris? I know, All Stars.

- Brendan Drew was bowling nice little outswingers in the warmups.

- When Xavier Doherty was fielding at long off a few metres from me, I resisted the temptation to tell him that he's got the worst first-class average of any bowler ever. It's only just false. With the qualification of 5000 balls, the only people with worse averages are a guy who only played for Oxford University, Sachin Tendulkar, and Stuart Saunders, who at least averaged 25 with the bat for Tassie. But Doherty's pretty good at limited-overs cricket. Weird.

- When Magoffin (I like Magoffin — he was the only guy who stuck in my memory from the Queensland Academy side I saw play India in 2003/4) was bowling to Sean Marsh, Gilchrist set a 7-2 field. It was a disgustingly negative tactic. Captains have a responsibility to make sure that the game is entertaining for the spectators. It's because of people like Gilchrist that people are turning away from Twenty20 cricket.

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